How the human mind acknowledges the universe, from physics to mythology, over phenomena related to the unconscious, all of these, have guided throughout his life, the works of German artist and engineer, Erich Engelbrecht.

Among other things, he translated his concerns in bold shapes, some of which seem to permanently defy gravity. Accordingly, he was passionate about monumental expression, and aspired for a long time to establish an open-air museum of a new kind.

After a strenuous period of planning and construction, involving the assistance of close relatives somewhat over a decade, a "life-size catalogue" featuring the collection of his most significant steel creations within 50 years, officially started welcoming the public in 2010.

The highly picturesque landscapes of France offered the proper setting. The art installation is indeed erected upon the natural meadows surrounding the Chateau des Fougis, located in the town of Thionne (Auvergne), in the Bourbonese countryside. Facing the Renaissance Chateau, intricate symbols cut out in solid metal, building up to sculptures like "The Blacksmith", reach over 30 feet height.

In 2011, Erich Engelbrecht died at the age of 82 in nearby Vichy.